Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The comedic medical series, Scrubs is one of the few television sitcoms I can enjoy. Anymore it seems as though sitcoms are out to portray reality to viewers who are part of that very same reality. What enjoyment can be achieved through watching the same drama that you experience day in and day out? Specific examples of television that I can’t stand to watch are The Real World, The Hills, Survivor, and all other examples of television that are out to pit people against each other. I despise these shows because I get to see the worst in people everyday. The depressing dog eat dog reality of our world. Competition is rampant among the world’s competitors, and the last thing I want to do when I watch television is see that type of behavior glorified. Thankfully, people like John Dorian and Chris Turk, from Scrubs, can re-instill my previous faith in the world.

John Dorian (or J.D.) displays a quirky sort of nerdy, cult cool. His can-do attitude and vigilant persistence develop a character to be respected, as well as revered. He deals with the same problems any other person faces but the manner in which his character responds to the situation is that of an innocent child. His naivety lends him the quirkiness that incorporates his specific type of cool. Chris Turk, plays Dorian’s nerdy counterpart. Chris Turk is special to the pair because he is the typical sort of “jock” cool. However, he is different from most jocks in that he would never abandon his buddy, J.D. He tries his hardest to keep J.D. feeling as though he is part of the crowd even though his dorky, awkwardness keeps him from completely relating to Turk’s jock-like, surgical buddies. Although separately the doctors are special in their own way, it is when they are brought together that you can truly appreciate the pair.

Turk and J.D., to me, are significant because they display more than just one type of cool. Sure, they both have their nerdy/jock-like personalities, but deep down their cool is bound within their friendship. I honestly can’t find a descriptive word to fit the relationship the two friends have with each other, but I think the most suitable term would be committed cool. Their support and honesty with each other is a characteristic strong enough to spawn jealousy in those who do not have this type of bond with a significant friend. Every time I watch the show and see the bond between J.D. and Turk I am reminded of the goodness the world has to offer. Scrubs helps me feel better about myself, as well as those around me. Many things in this world display goodness. However, Turk and J.D.’s friendship is a priceless type of awesome one can only hope to find in his or her lifetime.


  1. Maybe I am alone here, but is it really very cool to show nearly as much emotion and sentiment as JD and Turk do? After all, isn't most of cool about being sort of detached from it all?

  2. No, that's terrible. Everyone has their own perspective on cool, and to me there is not much cooler than their camaraderie.

  3. I love Scrubs!

    I think that Logan is right Fjohn. Isn't the relationship that they share so intimate and personal that it is different from most relationships? Doesn't that make it cool?

  4. You say that you can't like a show that tries to talk about a reality that we are all in, but is that really true? Isn't the Real World just as much of a designed reality as Scrubs? If the only thing is that it's not (completely) scripted, then how do you feel about RENO 911, which is also mostly unscripted/improvised?

    I'm interested to see what you do outside of your comfort zone of things you like. Your next few entries should be pretty interesting. :)