Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cool Is

Cool is indefinable. Cool is completely subjective, therefore giving it much room to transform and evolve. Everyone has a different idea of cool because they have different points of view, different interests, and different experiences. All these differences among us ultimately lead to many kinds of cool. It’s amazing how when we see something we enjoy or something we think is worthy of imitation we immediately think “wow, I really wish I could do that.” So, what is cool?

Cool to me are video games. Yes, I’m a nerd. I love video games. Not all games to me are cool, but I can give most of them a fighting chance. My favorite two games would have to be the Rock Band series and Halo 3. These games are especially cool to me because by the wonderful invention of internet, games have become competitive. It’s no longer about having fun, but more about who has the most skill. Video games to me are a true release. When I’m playing a game there is nothing to do but play the game, think about the game, and become the game. The stress of the world is gone when I begin playing because I can give that game my complete attention. Now, don’t judge me because I spend my free time playing video games. It is merely a hobby that I enjoy. The reason why I’m particularly drawn to the competitive side of gaming is because I was diagnosed with a heart condition when I was 12. Growing up with this heart condition I was not allowed to play sports. Consequently all the guy vs. guy rivalry, “I’m better than you are” type of thing was eliminated from my life. So, what could I do? I found my competitive side playing video games, always attempting to be the best. Whether it was football, racing, baseball, fighting, or even more recent games such as Guitar Hero, I wanted to win. Video games hold more than just a nerdy type of cool to me.

Video games also encompass a nostalgic sort of cool. Memories of sitting in the living room with my dad at the age of 4 watching him play Super Mario World asking him “when is it my turn, dad?” More importantly though the day when he finally taught me how to play. I remember him taking my hands and putting the controller there telling me how the different buttons on the control allowed Mario to do different things, slowly leading me through the George Foreman’s K.O. Boxing game, and showing me how to shoot monsters in RoboCop. Games hold a deeper meaning for me than for most people. They give me a form of stress relief in their competition, as well as their holding a deeper meaning to my past. I couldn’t imagine myself without having some sort of videogame background. I would be incomplete.


  1. That's very sweet how you and your father bonded over the majesty of Super Mario Brothers. I agree with you completely that cool is indefinable. With so many different cultures and tastes and life-situations, cool doesn't seem like something that can be put in a specific folder and filed away in a cabinet--it's so much more abstract than that.

    So, you're a Halo kind of a guy, huh? I like video games, too, but my expertise diminish significantly once I exit the realm of Zelda. there's a pretty cool guy!

  2. I am not personally a fan of playing halo online because I tend to lose every game, but I have played through the campaigns of halo 1-3. Master Chief is definately cool because he is the ultimate soldier and willing to do anything to save the world.

  3. If you like competition in video games, you should look at trying your hand at some speed runs. Just Google "speed run, [insert old school game]" and you will probably find some awesome videos.

  4. Interesting that you take this approach to defining cool. You used something that is obviously very close to you and used it to show a perspective of cool you've experienced - which makes it something the reader is much more able to connect to.

    Good job with this journal prompt.