Thursday, February 26, 2009

Personality That Kills... Seriously, You Better Run!

The film Jules and Jim was a roundabout film that ultimately aided in my disgust of women that act like whores. To me the biggest problem with the film was Catherine. The reason Catherine was such a horrible character was because she played every guy she (I honestly don’t know what to call it. I hope to God it wasn’t loved) liked. First she met Jules. Jules suited her fancy for a little while because she enjoyed his innocence. They married and had a child, but all the while Catherine was unfaithful to Jules as punishment for things he had done that are beyond the scope of sane human understanding. Although, I won’t entirely lay the blame on Catherine. Jules was a moron to stay with her after the treatment he had received. Catherine further irritates me, though, when Jim comes back from the war.

Jules and Jim both think there is something magnificent about Catherine besides from her “serene smile.” The way she lives, the exuberance in which she finds life is the most important magnetism to her personality. The almost child-like bliss she conveys from something as simple as running along a bridge, these are the little things that greatly affect Jules’ and Jim’s desire for Catherine. But with this shining world mentality also comes ignorance and a certain lack in character that we find in Catherine. She is not as most normal adults who are willing to forgive and make up. Catherine feels as though she needs to justify anything that she finds not fair or unacceptable when it comes to her male counterparts. Now, this is just stupid. Whoever heard of cheating on a guy for writing a letter about ending relationships? Of course, I don’t understand why Jim would go back to sleep with Gilberte one more time, but what about Jules? What did he do to warrant the treatment he was dealt? He seemed like a perfectly nice guy. You don’t commit to someone in marriage and then turn your back on that vow just because time has gone by. Catherine is a very simple person.

She is basically a child that has an adult‘s body. All that matters to her is herself. She has no regard for the feelings of others, which is why it is so easy for her to act the way she does. That is also why I think she killed Jim. Once he rejected her, and she was no longer “Queen Catherine,” she became unsatisfied. That’s why she pulled the “hey I’m pregnant come see our baby” to try and get him back. She didn’t love Jules or Jim or even Albert for that matter she just wanted their undivided attention. Women like Catherine make me sick. Men like Jules, Jim, and Albert also make me sick. They feed the flames of the fire that she has set on their souls. Consequently I knew from the moment they were all riding their bikes on the road together that their death was imminent. Someone had to die in order to end the cycle of betrayal. To me it was the best ending the movie could have afforded the viewer. However, Jim was an idiot for getting in the car with that psycho.


  1. Wow, that was quite a moralistic response to this movie.

    Have you ever or wouldn't you like to be able to experience such joy and happiness as the characters had during their time before the war?

  2. No, that's what all my stoner friends from Lonoke would do. Sorry, not trying to be a jerk. I seriously thought that they had been using hardcore drugs when I saw that.