Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Kind of Cool that will Always keep you coming back for more

Cool love may be the most powerful form of cool because it encompasses two very strong emotions with which the audience can identify. Love is powerful because it is passion. All the movies that you’ve ever watched that involved love probably involved a guy or girl doing something crazy or improbable in order to convince their significant other that they were the right one. Even the earliest stories such as Romeo and Juliet were about the passion that love instills. Defying family names in order to quench your heart’s desire has become all but essentially to a romantic movie. To throw cool into the mix is just ludicrous. Now, we have a powerful fiery emotion, love to combine with a cooler, more controlled emotion in cool. This is why ultimately love can be seen as one of the most powerful influences over the human mind. However, there are still many types of cool love, so I will tell you about two very different ways in which this love can be displayed.

My favorite type of cool love is the romantic comedy. I know it doesn’t have the same suspense or drama that normal love stories convey, but they speak to me because they are much more relatable. It’s easy to see the goofy, awkward guy walk into love and get the girl, or at least it is for me because maybe deep down I hope that this will happen to myself someday. But the movie that I’m most directly speaking about is 50 First Dates. The reason this movie, to me, conveys the ideal romantic comedy is because of the type of situation it presents. In the movie Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) loves Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) so much that he is able to make something as life-altering as amnesia, which resets her memory everyday, and help her live her life to the fullest degree of happiness. To me this is significant because it represents Henry’s dedication to Lucy. He doesn’t care if she doesn’t remember him because that just gives him another chance to win her over. This is romance to the extreme. He chooses someone that can’t even remember his name, but there is something about Lucy’s personality that speaks to his soul. Making the option of finding someone else all but impossible. Henry is admirable for all his characteristics. The fact that he could love a single person so much makes the movie great in itself, but the fact that he is cool and dorky makes even greater.

The second type of cool love is demonstrated by the man with the plan, Han Solo. Han Solo’s love for Princess Leia is far different from the love seen by a romantic comedy. Their love spawns from a class difference. Han sees Leia as something that is unattainable just because of their differences. Leia, on the other hand, views Han as a pig. He is all about being cool, and acting debonair, which ultimately lures her into Han’s fatal trap. Everyone knows the scene I’m talking about when Han is being taken away and Leia confesses her love for him. He then proceeds to utter the coolest line a man could possible articulate in the situation, “I know.” Although many women may be disgusted with Han’s words he will forever be remembered as a badass because he not only won over the girl, but he got the girl to come to him. A far different approach from the dedication seen in the romantic comedy, Han uses a bad boy attitude to attract Leia. As you can see there are many different forms of cool love. Love is not objective, it comes in many forms, patterns, and styles. It will always be there. It will always be cool.


  1. Love will always be cool...that's a pretty interesting statement. I agree with it entirely. When I was watching Jules and Jim, I believe I could not find it cool because the kinds of love that I recognize were completely absent. But there is definitely some love in the Millennium Falcon.

  2. Jason, I tried to make it cool, but you just threw a wrench in my plan. You uncooled it with one statement. DAMMIT!

  3. 50 First Dates is a great example. The whole movie is about that coolest part of love: the falling. How cool is love (and Han) after the rebellion wins and Leia & Han are no longer falling for each other?

  4. Love for me is the most wonderful thing that made the world go round..isn't it? and for me the best movie that i love the most is none other than THE NOTEBOOK written by nicholas parks starred by rachel mcadams and ryan gosling..i just love the movie its a great and cool movie filled with so much love....and i love the ending the most...