Thursday, April 9, 2009

Robocop was a surprise hit for myself personally. I remember watching the movie as a child and not really liking it. This was more than likely due to all the explosions and weird mechanical monsters. However now that I’ve seen it as an older, more mature person I truly believe it is a special movie. Robocop is able to incorporate a political satire into a movie overflowing with action and excitement. To me this really seems like a hard goal to accomplish because action movies normally grab the attention of those looking for just that, action. Sometimes it is possible for action to overshadow satire. Another problem with the movie is that it is time oriented. You had to understand the context of what was occurring politically to understand the events in the movie. Consequently their initial target audience, the people who normally come to see action movies, may not be the best group to understand the satire because they are just their for the action, and not so much the satire. In Robocop they are successfully capable of incorporating satire because there is no need for consistent plot. All you really need are explosions to hold the attention and a good medium to convey the message.

Social trends in this movie are also very significant. The evils of corporations and privatization in general are largely played up by the film. The problem with privatization is that when you start to worry about making more money rather than the well-being of the public corruption occurs. This was seen all throughout our movie. The creation of Robocop was just a politically charged effort to become a larger part of a corporation. Without the corrupt individuals we saw in the movie, Robocop, would not exist. Another significant idea to the movie was that as everything turned to corporations they all lost their sense of what was good for the population. The news had turned into garbage. It was very commercialized, constantly juxtaposing serious topics, such as war with light and funny topics like the president floating in space. Just as news was commercialized T.V. has also become fake and insubstantial. The only show they depict is an idiotic comedy that repeats the same catch phrase over and over, “I’d buy that for a dollar.” Corporations were concluded to be a harsh element that only degrades societal expectations.


  1. You talk about the way in which Robocop is very much a movie of its time. How do you transcend this problem for most anything? Can successful cultural satire every be totally detached from its time?

  2. No, I don't think so unless it's something completely general like animal farm and communism. Robocop is a movie that had to be seen when it was released to completely understand the satire that it was describing.

  3. I disagree. I think that the things that Robocop addresses are still valid topics. The trends in the becoming selfish and profit driven in our society are still here, and our entertainment has continued to degrade over time.