Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This week in class we watched the film Paris is Burning. It was about a bunch of trans-gender people that were obsessed with the fashion and culture that they so desperately wanted to be involved. I came to the conclusion earlier in my blog that these people are not cool. Throughout this entry I will continue to point out the failures that come with cool obsession.

One group of people that sticks out like a sore thumb in my mind is Trekkies. Trekkies, if you don’t already know, are people who are obsessed with the show Star Trek. It isn’t even so much the fact that the thing they are obsessed with is Star Trek, however when you begin to base all of your knowledge off of the idea of Star Trek then you have truly become deluded by your obsession. One of my friends at one point was deluded such as many of these people are. He was no longer thinking as he usually did, instead he focused specifically on what the character he was emulating would think and say. He, just as these people, forfeited his personality and self-consciousness to become what he had been so obsessed with. Obsession is altogether a bad thing. Whether it’s drugs, school, work, or even God. There are always things that people become obsessed with and it always ends in idiocy.

One example that we see relativity often on campus is a man I like to call “Big Sign Guy.” This guy is significant to me because he is so obsessed with the eternal salvation of every student on campus that he completely overlooks his judgmental ways. He forgets that what he should be preaching is why you should think like he does and instead points out the flaws of every single person that he sees. He tells us all to repent for the sins we have committed. He is a hypocrite on top of the fact that he is obsessed with our “eternal salvation.” In my opinion Big Sign Guy is a failure. He ignores the goodness in people and only points out flaws. He forgets that everyone makes mistakes and we all know we need to repent. His incessant yelling and screaming at those who are not right with the lord only portrays his true ignorance. He exhibits the same qualities as all the other people who become obsessed. They can no longer focus on anything except for which the thing they have become obsessed.

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  1. I agree with this logic. In circumstances where obsession negatively changes the lives of the self or others, then it is definitely uncool. However, what about obsessions that positively effect everyone? Are people who consume their lives with helping the poor uncool too, or do the problems associated with obsession strike without discrimination?